DJSEB ON THE WEB TO BE CONTINUED... ARTICLES IN NEWSLETTERS 3 DECEMBER : NRJ 12 PARTY GREEN LASER FESTIVAL 4 MAY 2013 November 2011. "NRJ12" French TV channel contact me for movie "So real" ! 3 days of shooting, happiness, tears, unforgettable interviews, schock moments, funny, poignant, adventure, dating, laughter, passion, Superman, festive mood of crazy, unexpected moments, 3 days about me, doing incredible things, being filmed in my entire life, laughter, meetings with people in the city and others, new friends, lots of topics discussed, songs , phrases and quotations novel, dreams, smiles, rescues, madness, fear, and even a duet with Remy bricka and Santa Claus !!.... Three days I will never forget .... we are the 2.3 and 4 December 2011. December 3 is now time for a mini celebration in honor of the flat festival party with NRJ12 and cameras running day and night for three days to film my little life. Thank you all for your participation! Story of a movie ...
My guest during three days : Sabrina and the unforgettable Marine...
view, increase, make some diapos !
Picture of me during a Street Fighter tounament in Beffroi from Thionville ! 22th october 2011 !! Read entire article !
view, increase, make some diapos !
During may 2013, I was invited to a comics festival as a super hero, but what a surprise when some people asked me to go on the stage and talk ! more infos on the mylorraine website--->
Another article about me and "By DJSeb" (22th december 2011) Read entire article !
The official vidéo
Little exhibition where I was with some comics Friends
The vidéo
It would be of course useless to sum up the innumerable photos where I am from Facebook or others, the Web became so popular ! But if you seek well, you will certainly see me reappearing still elsewhere who knows…?
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