Shinjuku: disproportionate district in which all seems possible with a wonderful contrast between tradition and modernism. In front of the pagodas and wood temples which welcome us by their red "toris", there are huge monuments, symbols of the highness of this country. Discovering all Shinjuku would be pure madness. Shinjuku is the "door" from Tokyo and never sleeps, and even late in the night, we understood that "Taka" bartender of the corner will be always there to receive us…
Japanese people seems all similar at first sight, but they are all totally different and when you see cosplay style or business style from the traditonal "salary men", all here shows us that the fashion is sometimes something amazing that we French people could spend some years to understand how much it can be original! I even bought a book with tens of existing styles and really you have to see it !!! (to find it, click on the image-------------------->
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Shinjuku Gardens. The "lung" from Tokyo, like Central Park in New York, Shinjuku Gardens is enclosed in the Shinjuku valley and shines such a diamond of grass. Calm, peaceful, "Zen" will say Japanese people, Shinjuku Gardens proves us one more time the respect of the Japanese people by welcoming us in these gardens, which became famous for their the beauty and peace they release. Such an harmony which act like a stop in the tumultuous life of the districts always in stress right around…
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the animated photobook
the animated photobook
the animated photobook
The video
The video
Shibuya: The mode District ! Dominated by the impressive tower of the "109", the biggest clothes shop of Shibuya, visiting the tower can take several hours, and several days if you are a girl! :-). But most impressive here remains this crowd, unanimous, grouped, a such moving mass people who never stops!
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