Peru! I never even thought to go there, here is for me the time to leave in the less prepared adventure of my life. In a few weeks, I make my vaccines, learns some spanish words and let's go t! Direction Luxembourg Train Station, Brussels Train Station, Eurostar towards London, then plane London-Miami and finally Miami-Lima. Peru open us his doors and promises me to change all my convictions…
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The country where richness and happiness are not a currency
Lima, capital and Peru's entry door. This city seems to have so much different faces ! Sometimes tumultuous when I fell on an huge religious procession, sometimes quiet in middle of the night in the districts, sometimes rich with his monuments, cathedrals and weapons places, sometimes poor in its most poor districts and out from the city… Lima has even its Chinatown and I could discover during my last night in a taxi trip that this city is much bigger than we could at first sight believe...
Video of the travel
The animated photobook
view, increase, make some diapos !
The animated photobook
The video
The video
I have discoverd in Peru a very important thing : happiness do not depend on the number of treasures we have bought in our life, but to people who are around us...
Our adventurers
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