Paracas is the first small "town" in which we make stop and we it already seems that we became "local attraction" ! , the Peruvians people are curious, perplexed, even admiring. We are still in full discovery and we are still astonished for the moment by the ridiculous prices but also by the incredible poverty which reigns in this country. This voyage in the grounds of South America promises more and more progressively to astonish us by each steps...
Paracas Reserve. Probably the most beautiful landscapes of this adventure. An immense sand reserve, dunes, rocks, surrounded by an ocean which seems to extend to the infinite horizon. The wind is breathing and raises the birds which live on the coasts border. We hear the noise of waves which come to die on the rocks ten meters below of us. Here, time seems to be stopped, and old vestiges prove us that there was life a long time ago. From Boat failed to planted cross in sand, there is just one step, this is imagination… Paracas has also even been used in a very old movie you should know, called "planet of the apes"...
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The Balestas islands and its very famous "Candelabre" (candlestick) drawn on the sand dunes we see from the boat. This excursion showed us a wild aspect of Peru so much sea and air animals fauna is impressive there. And in the middle of all this ecosystem only one man alone on his bridge say hello to tourists in our very small boat.Look at the photos, they feel to smell big wide, sea, and...the balestas islands...
The animated photobook
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The video
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