The writings
The craziest place in France !
Here starts your true adventure...
The man and his story...

"Superman lives
Thionville !"


Nrj 12
"Tellement vrai"

"He looks like
nobody else"


The majority of my adventures in general give rise to a "professional" DVD BOX describing all my travel and whose assembly can take several months sometimes to me, but quality is in, from the programming, to menus creation, and diaporamas encoding, until the final design of the box and engraving with LS (Lightscribe) technology to make this DVD BOX something original and something..."unique".
These DVD boxes are of course not on sale but can be copied of course for those which would have interest in, this is not "Dolby Surround" technology, but you really have to see them because all is point by point detailed, with clear menus, wonderful pictures, and really attractive assemblies (without lauching me flowers : -))
Currently, I have just finished the Peru DVD, and I have got the project in my mind to remake the Florida Dvd Box, Scandinavia and Baltic too, all a program! So, don't hesitate to come and discover them… Anyway the DVD of Japan, Florida, and Peru, but also of the "Mysteries of East" are already on this website!


And don't forget that the DVD "BY DJSEB" was released beginning of 2010 !
Find this wonderful DVD by clicking on this button below !


There are 6 disney parks all over the world (Eurodisney, Disneyworld Orlando USA, Disneyland California USA, TokyoDisneyland Japan, Shanghai DisneyWorld and one in Hong Kong). My dream is to visit all these parks ! This was made in 2016 !