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The craziest place in France !
Here starts your true adventure...
The man and his story...

"Superman lives
Thionville !"


Nrj 12
"Tellement vrai"

"He looks like
nobody else"


A little video realized at the french park "fantasticable" in the "vosges" (la bresse) area, in which we see me go through the wood at more than 80 kms/h (50 miles/h) relied to a simple cable ! It rocks !!!

A little video realized in Haute Savoir near Aix les Bains, where you can see me fly very high through the mountains not far from a waterfall pfiou !!!
crazyyy !!!

"X-treeeeeeeem Adventures"

A little video realized not far from "Saint Quentin" in France (02) in which you will see me fall from a plane to make a free fall from 4000 meters high... (4300 yards)
50 seconds, 200 kms / h (125 miles / h)
(And I even "drive" the parachute myself !)   Guaranted feelings !!!

You will find here all adventures which are not travels of course, but that you must absolutely see, to go fast as I said in my title, welcome in the webpage of...

A little video made in Rulantica Park, the aquatic world of Europa Park where I had the pleasure of testing a vertiginous fall in a pipe opening from above!
A crazy thing that leaves only a tenth of a second reaction ...