A BIT OF PSY...A bit of psy… or the serious chapter of this website… Some people will perhaps not believe it but psychology is integral part of my life, better still, it was a particularly important actor who has already saved my life during my past great depression. Admittedly, I have no psychological formation, even if in the past It would be great for me, but I have a kind of "power" who allows me to rather quickly understand a person, a problem and to find the beginning of a possible solution. This gift, I acquired it thanks to enormously formations, and readings during my life. For exemple because of book "the pocket psy" whether I advise you or by various other allegories from "the frog which did not know she was already cooked". During almost all my life, I did everything to use this "gift" to the maximum, and this, for the others people.
During the past, I had even make some announces on the web calling me a free psychiatrist and in a few weeks my e-mail and my cellphone were overbooked. I helped many people and the files which have touched me the most are certainly those of this mother who was affraid to punish her children (being beaten by her mother at the time of her childhood), the lady who was at her end of lifetime and had in her hospital room only a portable computer as a company and who died during our emails exchange, but also this young girl whom I prevent from suicide and who is happy today. All these cases, these "patients" although I hate this word had all the same problem, generally coming from the past, and in particular from their childhood, for sure. During all the years, and throughout my personal anecdotes, my experiment grew so up, so much and so well that a real psychologist was even surprised of my knowledge and my faculties to determine the various problems.
All this experiment, lived, learned or transmitted, allowed me to draw some conclusions, learn from new theories, and new concepts, but also to learn the rule however of my own psychology : we have all, at least one "psy problem" How ? By our childhood, our education, the events which constituted our life. I sometimes compare our life to a motorway, with its entries (like new friends), its exits (changes of direction), but also its accidents, its tolls and its stoppers, true "brakes" to our travel, our evolution. This psychological problem can be characterized by a simple "toc" , a simple practice transmitted from generation to generation by our family, but also a more serious problem, which have occurred during childhood and which transformed our life forever, this is the case in particular of suicides, accidental deaths, or serious big events in our existance. At the beggining, a baby can not born as a "serial killer" or as an "astronaut", this is their education, their evolution and all these events which will transform him, to define it as himself. Our psychological problems (lack of confidence in oneself, excessive timidity, extreme sensitivity…) are transmitted in our embarrassments then weakened or hardened by the life which follows and by the events which constitute it. Even if we stay responsible for our choices, and even if we decide same ourselves our life, these psychological problems are as much obstacles to our evolution and as many challenges which it is necessary for us to fight. An old poet would say "Carpe Diem" and will advise us to benefit from the life, a wise old man would impose the respect and serenity to us, an old psychiatrist will give neither council, nor way to be followed, but will help us to understand why we chose such or such way and will help us to carry out our choices, but it will be necessary for that, that all must comes from us above all. Each psychological problem has its origin, and its therapy, and its opposite. A timid person will be opposed to a sure person of himself, but both will have a different psychological problem. So, we manage to come out from all this psychology, several profiles which we have unconscious "work" within us. That can be profile of the "princess" or that of the "prudent" while passing by many alternatives and that to the infinite. There exists no perfect profile because nobody is perfect and quite simply for the good reason that a perfect person could not in no case affirm it without showing narcissism or boastfulness, which would remove any statute of perfection to him. Often in my understanding, my " onsultations" as I can say (!) I call upon personal anecdotes but also with concrete examples often drawn from psychological theorems or books which allow me make the problem more easy and comprehensible. Nobody is too intelligent to become its own psychiatrist and nobody is too stupid to manage to understand. Of course, some real tests exist and can show us at which point we are weak or strong, or at which point our psychological problem is serious or not. Many are these "tests" are used on television (beautiful naked, supernanny. and so on…) The theory of the judgement illustrates well these tests. Go through the city, you will cross there certainly sometimes corpulent or bearing people. Before even as you have time to tell you "I should not look or making any judgment", this judgment will be already done in you. Because the judgment is human, just like appreciation of certain things, opinion, whether it is for a movie or a person. We cannot prevent it but we can limit his use of it. Do not judge, ask rather you who you are to be able to do it and do not forget that you are also judged, permanently. It is the same for the theory of normality. What is for you normal ? 98% of the people to whom I asked : for you which color must be a fridge ? they will answer "white" for sure. However, this is the society which has decided so, but we are free to have a green fridge or yellow it does not matter but we know that we will be judged as "abnormal" people. Because abnormality makes fear, it can be with a vestimentary style (Gothic, punk…), by practices, a way of thinking, and so on...… Then what is normal ? To finish this psychological chapter, you have to know that I do not make psychological any more on the web since years but I am only opened to any request of help by any means and it would be a pleasure to help you, even if you had to know that I will never make decision for you, I will speak to you only about your various options, it will be always you who will have to decide which is the way which you want to follow, such is the faculty of the psychiatrist. And if you need my services, do not hesitate to contact me on deejayseb@aol.com Lastly, to summarize my own psychological problem, it is very simple. A double personality (superman and clark kent) completely opposite between a timid person, having many doubts and self-confidence lack, always in perpetual debate with oneself, and a happy, merry, sure person of himself, knowing what she wants and having no fear of ridiculous or fear of the others. Here is my psychological problem generated by my too maternal education and the serious events (death and others) of my past which consolidated this psychological image and this problem . .....................................................................................So, now, what is YOUR "psy problem" ?
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