Poland And for the beginning, Why not start with a presentation video ! return to adventure pagePoland, the only passage for east. I have to say that after crossed all Germany and Berlin in particular, The Polish border worried me. After a short stop at the German station, I could cross without any problems, passport in hand. I arrived at Warsaw, and was impressed by the cultural and architectural richness of the place, I was waiting for a poor and devastated city… Warsaw, is a city immense and full of surprises, we can finds there an unique architecture as beautiful as the more big cities of the world, but we can find also small and very poor Polish markets dissimulated in basements. Contrast is very strong between the vestiges of history and the influence of countries around which grows little by little. I remember very well this small group of Polish people who were dancing on traditional musics that you will be able to find in the video… Poland is an immense country and to see only the capital has a little of interest, then why not coming back one day... why not?
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EAST MYSTERIES The most impressive adventure !
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This adventure contains not less than 8 countries, that means 7 different currencies and a multitude of unknown languages ! An adventure with meetings, bounces, and discoveries, and in which risk become each day more important, the most far I go... This adventure showed me the other side of europe... the east and unknow side...
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