Many years ago, I was learning how to whistle like the other boys of my school, I noticed that I was able to do much more (and this, even if I could not still whistle!). Indeed, I managed to reproduce very strange sounds without really knowing how in fact, which astonished so much people who were looking for my secret :-) With the years, my voice has changed and some sounds disappeared like birds noises too difficult to make for example. But sometimes I make these noises again to make people laugh. You will so find here what I called "sounds from elsewhere" …
radar and siren sound
The noise of the radar and the siren were my first "sounds" and I made them just to make people laugh :-). Later, I noticed that I could do what I want with this sound and make for exemple "sonar" sound as below:
sonar and siren sound
step sounds
sara perque ti amo
So, I understood that I could make and reproduce even a music with my voice ! Even the most difficult with rythms for example ! Today, this "faculty" obviously decreased but I can sometimes reproduce beautiful melodies…
melody from elsewhere
And to end this webpage a small melody which came in my mind, with long and rapid notes and I do not even remember any more where I could hear this music… Good listening!
Then I continued to find and produce new sounds more and more ! For example, It was so funny to reproduce the noises of step of my teachers for example, which returned them sometimes, and many are those which have stopped to look their shoes…!
(don't forget to stop music to hear sounds from elsewhere)
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