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Find in this part DJSeb, his life, his evolution and his memories, his psychological side, his writer and poet side, his secret identity of Superman, but also his films, his passions, his appearances on the Web and at TV, his exceptional parties, his friends, his strange noises, pfiou… shortly, all on me and the ways to contact me!
by car all over europa...
or all over the world...
GUEST BOOK NEWSPAPERS USA TOUR FLORIDA THAILANDFind in this part adventure, the true one. Start by discovering my adventures alone with my car in all Europe, then leave more further at the end of the world, make a stop at Disney by looking at my video dvds, before returning again in the medieval past and finishing by extreme adventures to cut your breath ! Let's go to adventure…
KLEIN Sébastien Tél : (+33) 382538602 (DJSeb alias Superman) Port. : (+33) 673027494 12, rue du Luxembourg mail : deejayseb@aol.com 57100 THIONVILLE msn: deejayseb_7@hotmail.com FRANCE
Find in this part all on place "At DJSeb" , the flat party which has existed for 10 years, the collections, the DJ equipment, the quizz, the games Eye of judgment and Final Fantasy, all about cheerleading, Japan Expo and AMV, music of my life, geographical location of the place and to finish Facebook and the guestbook to sign!
03/23/2019 Finally ! The entire 2018 project is on line with Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Moscow and many more surprises! To see on the button project 2018 left or up on the welcome banner! 08/05/2015 A new article from newsepaper and my first radio spot have been added ! 20/03/2018 And one more movie of the best flat in France by Mirabelle TV ! Go to TV Spots and enjoy the show ! 24/01/2018 Happy New year ! To honor this new year, the invitation for flat party 2018 has been added here a little bit in advance ! 30/12/2017 Two links habe been added on the page newspapers ! 28/12/2017 Littles bugs in the guest book that are currently out of order. all dailymotion videos have been updated to youtube videos. Happy new year 2018 ! 20/08/2017 The website has been updated with the new flyer 2017 (by djseb / presentation) 08/08/2017 The website has been updated with the new laser show 2017 (by djseb / presentation) 30/07/2017 Site has been updated with a third page of exceptionnal parties ! 4/06/2017 Website has been updated with new video of 17 years of flat party ! 16/05/2017 Page newspaper has been updated with new articles, enjoy ! 23/04/2017 Now the flat festival party 2017 is over and you will find all photos of the party in the flat festival page ! thanks for your visit ! 12/03/2017 After a long period of no update, here is a big update with addition of : - complete CRIC project (China Russia India Cambodia) - new video in TV spots part - invitation to the flat festival 2017 - inauguration of my new book in the writings part Enjoy ! 05/08/2016 New video in part "DjSeb on the web" with a new book exhibition ! 04/08/2016 Website has been updated with the "10 years of Superman" book that you can find in section "A true Superman ?" 04/08/2016 Website has been update with the new book that will come soon "A heart under the cape" that you can find in section "The writings/books" 17/01/2016 2016 was a little bit hard, but this does not make who we are. Only is important who we decide to be in 2016. Happy new year 2016 and welcome to the flat party 2016 ! The most incredible place of Lorraine will soon have a new video ! Moreover welcome page and collections page has been updated ! 17/08/2015 More than 100 photos from my 40 birdthday party are now on line ! 16/08/2015 Photos and videos from my fly through the montains are now on line in the x-trem adventures section !! 04/08/2015 Photos and videos from 25th july party have been added in section partys and others will come soon but that's not all, another article has been added to articles section ! enjoy ! 16/06/2015 Egypt has been added to Adventure part ! 11/05/2015 Photos from flat party 2015 (15 years) are now on line ! 01/02/2015 Disney page has been updated with 4th disney parc ! 30/01/2015 Finally all the Egypte trip is on line with more than 200 photos and videos ! 09/06/2014 : New update, new video in area "djseb on the web" about green laser 2013 ! 09/03/2014 : New update : Article from Morandini zap in part TV Spots (suite) ! 02/03/2014 : After months of work, here is the first big update of this year ! With arrive of Thailand the complete story in english version of course but also in french and thai language ! I am sure you will like it !! 02/02/2013 : 395 visited pages, 154 visits in one night.... 4956 visitors since opening of website ! pfiou the tv spot is now again on tv !!! :-)) 01/07/2013 : a few days after the movie "man of steel" find out the photos of this incredible night in first preview ! go and see page "a true superman ?" 10/05/2013 : Page "DJSeb on the web" has been updated with a special comics festival "Le Rayon Vert" in Volkrange, France 3/03/2013 : After one month, some little news to start : SATURAY MAN movie is on line you can watch it on "DJSeb on the web" ! You have to see it !! Some new photos of ILcosmetics in Friends part too ! 06/02/2013 : new photos have been added to section "Friends" from International Lacquers ! New poetry in section "poetry" Vanessa (only in French sorry) 12/01/2013 : Happy new year 2013 to everybody ! And to start well the beginning of the year here are the news : Webpages "Articles" and "TV spots" have been separated and welcome page has changed! But moreover you will find 3 new videos of tv spots in webpage "TV spots" ! Have fun! 29/11/2012 : Today is a great day ! The web site will go through 4000 visitors and become more bigger ! All a chapter about my USA TRIP 2012 has been added with the complete story of my USA Travel ! Then website will change in the next days with more news !! Hello to my doctor ! :-) 01/05/2012 : TV Spot "So real - they looks like nobody else" is on line !! Website has gone over 2000 visitors ! Thanks to all !! 20/04/2012 : Official date of NRJ12 TV Spot : 22 April 20 h 40 on Nrj 12 ! 27/03/2012 : Photos from flat festival party are on line - see flat festival party !!! TV spot from Mylorrainetv.fr is on line see articles and tv spots !!! 15/01/2012 : Now is the time for work in my flat ! a real mess here !!! and already 50 persons on the list for flat party 2012 !!! 08/01/2012 : First new of 2012 ! Happy New Year to everybody !! A new page has been created special for flat festival party 2012, you can find the link on this welcome page ! Come and see everybody on 4th february 2012 !!! 28/12/2012 : New webpage/link with all articles and tv spots, see on the left for articles/tv spots ! 23/12/2011 : Webpage "DJSeb on the web" have been updated with movie nrj12, pictures of NRJ12party, articles from newsletter and movie in Belgium "Saturday Man" yeaaaah !!! 22/12/2011 Now the article is in our local newsletter !! If you wish to read it don't hesitate to click here ! 15/12/2011 The madness continues! Tonight "The republicain Lorrain" (french newspaper) just came to visit me! A second article in the newspaper on "bydjseb" soon ? Meanwhile, a special webpage was created about NRJ12 party, go here! 23/10/2011 : Great news !!! Djseb alias Superman is now in national newsletter during a street fighter 2 tournament ! go and see there ! 16/08/2011 : A little link for a big travel website has been added ! Wishing to travel but dummy in organization ? go and have a look ! 04/08/2011 : Guest book is being completed every day, website is visited, thanks to all ! I hope it will continue like this ! 20/07/2011 : And this now official opening of website www.chezdjseb.com all finished, and more over, and that's not less than 190 pages that are awaiting for you in two languages !!! I wish you good visit for my today birthday and I invite you to sign my gold book !!! 07/06/2011 : A new collaboration has begun ! See on links webpage all about crazycake ! :-) 26 april 2011 : An new link has been added on webpage "contacts and links", the website from a talentuous french artist ! 21 april 2011 : one more movie from me : Aldebaran that you can see in "Djseb on the web" 16 april 2011 : Complete update of the welcome page and all website before official opening !! 11 april 2011 : More updates on the website before the official opening on facebook be ready ! 26 march 2011 : A new adventure is opened to you : Medieval adventures where you can discovert Knight Sebastien, enjoy ! Japan pages and Collections (page 2) have been updated too ! 20 march 2011 : Today Evana's birthday !! And website is full translated !!! New translated webpages : - a true superman ? 19 march 2011 : 98 % finish ! New translated webpages : - Memories, memories - Exceptional parties - a bit of psy 13 march 2011 : New translated webpages : - Presentation 12 march 2011 : New translated webpages : - Friends : Mory Friends - The writings : books (not entirely translated) - The writings : poetries (not entirely translated) 11 march 2011 : New translated webpages : - Evolution - Friends - Flander's Company - Friends : Gothic friends 10 march 2011 : New translated webpages : - Damnclem : full website 07 MARCH 2011 : New translated webpages : - Damned - Damnclem - Damnclem : elsewhere - Damnclem : Artwork 06 MARCH 2011 : New translated webpages : - Contacts and links - Looking for DJ - Sounds from elsewhere 05 MARCH 2011 : All "byDjseb" part has been translated !! New translated webpages : - ByDjseb Presentation - Map and Situation - My music - Guestbook 03 MARCH 2011 New translated webpages : - The quizz - The collections 01 MARCH 2011 New translated webpages : - Japan Expo - Japan Expo AMV - DJ's Equipment 20 FEBRUARY 2011 : Now starts translation of part "By DJSeb" with : - "10 years", - "Final Fantasy", - "Cheerlading", - "Facebook page" - "Eye of judgment", - "Flat Festival Party". Website is 50 % translated for the moment ! 3 FEBRUAR 2011 : Adventure part is fully translated ! Have fun !! 10 FEBRUAR 2011 : And now begins translation of alone adventures, my car adventures all over europa !!! Starting with translation of my 1st adventure, baltic lands and Direction South ! Go and See ! 06 FEBRUAR 2011 : World adventure is now complete ! Japan, Florida, and Peru, have been totally translated into english !!! 26 JANUAR 2011 : And now it is the turn of Japan pages to be completed have "Japan" fun ! 23 JANUAR 2011 : All Florida pages are complete !!!! Have fun !! Webpages created exclusively for the wonderful Kimberly of Tampa I will never forget !!!! 18 JANUAR 2011 : Ok here we go !!! Home page and menus have already been translated into english. For moment are available : - Home and news (this page) - Adventure : Before Starting... -X-trem adventures - All over world - DVD's/Disney Passion Here we go Here we go Here we go !!! 15 JANUAR 2011 : Happy new year to everybody and welcome in the first page of the english website !! (all other news from the french website won't be translated for time reasons, thanks for your understanding) Have fun with this english website !!!
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