Netherlands return to adventure page DenmarkBefore leaving for a so long voyage, a stop in the Netherlands and in particular in Amsterdam was sure. I had not been there for a long time in the Netherlands capital and nothing changed, all is always authorized there and Amsterdam seems to be the town of all the madnesses and all extravagances! North door, while going through again the famous bridge of the Netherlands, my 1st adventure, Scandinavia invite to discover it…
SCANDINAVIA Direction Far North! Sweden was always an old dream, and it was sure that if I I go there one day, Denmark, Norway and Finland would be open for me... Incredible adventure, to discover these people rocked by legends, from the drakkars of Vikings to the trolls and fjords of Norway, while passing by the siren of Copenhagen and the Swedish blondes, all in Scandinavia invited to the dream and the discovery. For this adventure, I had decided to visit at the same time a village and a capital for each country. Here the summary of this adventure in the middle, of Scandinavia…
view, increase, make some diapos !
The video
view, increase, make some diapos !
The video
Copenhagen, Denmark. Other North door, before the very known bridge of Malmo which connects Denmark to Sweden, Denmark has surprised me by the attraction park which is in full center of town, but also by the small size of their symbol, I named the Siren of Copenhagen. And as the such small boy which pisses from Brussels, this statue of Siren knew tops and bottoms and remains forever the symbol of the force of the city. From bank to bank, houses to houses, we are walking, we are discovering, this charming Danish capital….
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