MY MUSIC BLÜMCHEN - JASMIN WAGNER MORNING MUSUME - JELLY BEANS JEAN MICHEL JARRETo say I am real musicfan would be useless !!! For sure, as a general music Deejay (even if I was before hardcore Deejay), I can say that I absolutely like all kinds of musics ! And of course I know more than a hundred different styles ! (Waltz, Rock'n'roll, Metal, Hard rock, Slow, fox trot, Samba, Sunmusic, Tech, New Wave, Disco music, Dance, RNB, Rap, Traditional, and so on...) without forgetting the deep dance (mix for Deejays) which combine all these styles ! Even if have sometimes some difficulties to hear waltz, tango or others during the weddings, all these musics are a part of my life. And what a happiness to play during disco time this good old Clo-Clo (Claude Francois for
When I returned from Japan, I already have in mind some Japan Dance and Techno that I have for sure to find once returned in France. Thanks to the No life channel, I was able to find some of the musical styles that I had really appreciated when we were in Japan. Two musical groups were in my mind my favorites ones : Morning Musume and Jelly Beans. These two musical groups have both a formidable story (Morning Musume was sometimes made up of 18 girls on scene ! - Jelly Beans were 2 and separated recently) but more especially I could have immense honor to meet them. I first met Jelly Beans during Chibi Japan Exhibition during their live concert, where we could earn some dedications and photos, then later, during Japan Expo 2010. I had the honor during this Exhibition to be one of the 30 people chosen by the fate among more than 20.000 participants, to earn on of their dedications ! A dream has been realized. You will find here things to become a fan at your turn!!!
Blümchen? ("small flower" in German). Never heard ? And yet, and that Laurent will be able to confirm it to you, it made integral part of our full life. And that, even if someone tried to copy it in France. I do not remember any more how much concerts we battled to see, in Koln or Trier, how much hours to wait for her to see, how much these cds we could buy (all, probably), of "Kleine Satellit" with "Blaue Augen" and of course "herz an herz" and so on.… and all these incredible and nostalgic hours to listen this music in our cars (in addition to Das Modul, and many other German groups)…. sighs… I even have still posters from her in my room, videos, and dedications, each one of its passages in Germany or in a discotheque was an event and one day, all suddenly stopped. Blumchen, alias Wagner Jasmine, this German singer as beautiful as talented,…. disappears. After made some mode photos, she tried to sing another song very late but some best fans (us including) were there. Its tech, dance and rock'n'roll mix will remain forever in our minds… Thanks to three vidéos coming out from the Web and with some photos I hope I will make you discover and like, what made our heart beat and our ears during quite many years….
At the beginning, God created the earth, the man, the living beings… then god wanted to dance… (these words comes from a technointruction and have nothing to do with this subject !!!) Jean Michel Jarre was my first inspiration at school. I love this instrument which os the synthetizer, and this was the first one I wanted to learn how to play. However, after several years of musical theory, flute, double bass, and so on… I never succeeded in reaching the necessary level. However I loved all its concerts in videos and I have all these albums because the music of these synthetizer mixing all kinds of musics and great melodies that we will always remember, always made me dreaming. Moreover, its extraordinary technological material, in particular its famous laser toothing-stone, are the best in the world. This is why I want to show you here a video made by myself and which shows its very last concert in Amneville, France, on November 6, 2010, and which was, if l can say this, a pure happiness…. Enjoy!
the beginners) ! My favorites goes towards Techno Hardcore or not (Thunderdome and other techno house party…), symphonic Metal or not (Evanescence, Nightwish, Rammstein…), the Synthetizer (JMJ, Vangelis…), Original movie soundtracks, some slows, and finally Pop, in particular Japanese one (Morning Musume, Jelly Beans…) and German (Blumchen…). I like less the rap and the oldies but I know them. I forgot also tatu !! :-) I have more than 500 cds, talk about all of them would take so much hours. Also, I resume here the three principal musical styles and artists who have changed my life and who were full part part of it. I classified them by chronological order of discovery, and it is a pleasure of making you discover them today.
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