10 YEARS !!! THE PAST FLAT PARTY FESTIVAL 2008 : 53 peopleview, increase, make some diapos !
2000 : first partyIn 2010, for the 10 years, the invitation was exceptional because it was an interactive DVD full of adventures and those who received it were really happy because it is really something wonderful and especially introduction video. If you didn't receive your invitation DVD, you can make your request by email at deejayseb@aol.com or better still find it complete while clicking on the button below!!
2007 : 51 peopleThe flat party festival video : 10 years !
view, increase, make some diapos !
view, increase, make some diapos !
view, increase, make some diapos !
2009 : 52 people By DJSeb<--- By DJSeb
10 years --->
2010 : 10 YEARS ! : 86 people ! CONTINUE PARTY !!!! The "Flat Festival Party" was created 15 years ago. When its starts, it was just nothing more than birthday of my arrival in this flat. Why? young DJ at this time, I fall in love with this flat and I knew it was necessary to make something really "unique". Helped by several DJs we began the decoration and prepared full of incredible things. However, we needed something original for this flat that will become "by djseb". This original idea was that : Each year, we must again make all decoration new starting like the beginning and invite all people to see the news of the flat. Little party at the beginning, this "party" has joined together hundreds of people (each year more than 250 "official" invitations have been sent), and become bigger and bigger to become today the "flat festival party". To make the festival more better, we even found some topic each year ("Adventure" in 2008, "Water" in 2009, "10 years" in 2010). Only rule of this festival : to sign the guestbook and to be taken in photo to confirm your visit :-) On this page you will find photos, but also the official invitation for the 15 years of the flat festival party which took place on May 9, 2015…
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