What could be better than to start with some photos of the place you will find below, and that I commented to make it easier. Of course you can also come and see by yourself ! Remember that all the photos were taken "byDjseb" , it is not an assembly, and even if this place makes 56 m2, we can manage to place so much things :-) ! Elsewhere, even a simple visit takes already a good 15 minutes ! The sentance for the place "even if you come every day, you would always discover something that you had not seen yet !"
blue environment
blue lights, plasma discs and balls, bubbles columns, beginning of party environment for sure !
Disco balls, mirror balls and cones, so much colors, tonight by djseb it is disco time !
disco environment
red environment
water environment
emergency environment
"Lounge" atmosphere, red lights, twilight frames, flammes and wood burning in chimney, the hot environnment of the place...
to use in case of emergency !
Waves and water drops, fountain sounds, just miss the ocean and see !
In addition to lights, and decoration which compose this place, there are environments ! Each environment is different, and was worked over again each year according to the selected topic. With 5 environments, it is possible always to recreate a different atmosphere during evening ! Add heat and flames of a chimney, 3 smokes machines, and one starlight night and welcome "by djseb" !!! Moreover, all effects, environments and lights are more wonderful because of smoke, you have to see it !
It is not less than 20 lights, which been reflected by more than 10 facets mirror balls, which compose the lights sets of the place !! A disco environment, but also relax place, with a wonderful light show combined whith 2 lasers in front of each other ! You have to live it !
If we would have like to be simple, this place is just the place I live, and if one day you come to visit me, you will say that you goes to "djseb" quite simply! But of course you certainly know that "bydjseb" is much more than that… This place became along 17 years of living already, a place impossible to miss in Thionville, but also a place to see at least once in its life ! :-) Every people who cames there returned and confirmed their passage with their signature in the famous place guest book (more than 900 signatures !), all were surprised and felt as at home with full of memories and returned again many times sometimes with their friends ! a crazy place ? original place ? bordelic place ? dream place ? all people had their own comment ! When I decided to live here, I felt that I could make so many things. Also with help from other friends (Deejays and others) we created the base of what will become "bydjseb", environments, lights, decorations… but we needed a revolutionary idea to make it known. This idea was to change everything in the place each year, remake all again and invite all people to come to see the "news". This day was born, the "flat festival party" and 10th birthday of this place was in January 2010. Here you will be able to find story and photos if you click on "flat festival party !"
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