The Eye of Judgment is a game with two players and seems to be like the cartoon "Yu-Gi-oh" that you probably know. In fact, each player has in his hand several cards, and to win you have to conquer 5 territories out of 9 on a plate represented on the screen with 5 different elements (water, fire, earth, wood, biolith). These cards can be creatures, or spells. By placing them on the playing plate, the camera of the PS3 system recognizes the card and makes it appears on the screen. This is a strategy game of course, but also you need luck, because there exists more than 300 different cards, and some are very rare ! This game is really wonrderful and the hundreds of plays I could make really gave me desire to show it to the others because it combines the board game plate with the video game. Moreover I even had idea to create my own plate, and I even created another directly under the glass of my table in my living room ! You will find here below several photographs showing this game, and I invite you to learn more or directly come here as fast as possible to test it ! And I could show you my fabulous collection of game cards !
the game
the cards
the game plate
my plate
the game box
a fight
my cards
my other plate
The Eye of Judgment is a very revolutionary game out in France 2007 for Playstation 3 and you absolutely need to discover it !! Coming from Japan where I could discover it in a very modern version, I was so in a hurry that this game comes in France ! But in order to make you discover it completely and to start from the beginning, here you will find two videos I found on the web so that you can understand what is it really...
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