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Sihanoukville, Cambodia. One of the only parts of Cambodia that I hadn't explored yet. Seaside town on the beach, but which at first shocked me by its unhealthy conditions and its high rate of Chinese tourists! The first night was very hard, the city is unfortunately dirty, and we come across as many rats as Chinese which tarnishes the decor which could be magnificent. But the adventure was there with this blackout in a big mall! However, a few fathoms away opposite is the paradise island of Koh Rong, which before being a party island is above all a haven of natural peace and incredible beauty. The swing looks like a postcard and we are surprised by its sandy beaches and the blue of the water. Too bad they confiscated my sand at customs! :-)
Projet 7 wonders
The 7 wonders project consisted in travelling around the 7 new wonders of the world. Started in 2019, I was only missing 3 (Coliseum in Rome, Maccu Piccu, Giza Pyramids, Wall of China, Petra Jordan, Chichen Itza Mexico, Christ Redeemer Rio Brazil), and that's why I started with Pétra, trip to which I have added unexplored places like Sihanoukville in Cambodia, the north of Manila, Bali in Indonesia, Taiwan as well as the north of Thailand. A 10-day journey, with a daily change of country and an extraordinary adventure ...
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So I started with Petra, in Jordan. This monument called the treasure, is a real course in the rocks under a blazing sun, and ending in a monastery that you have to fight to see so the path is difficult and hard. But the game is worth the effort and we are amazed at such a human construction which seems simply impossible but stands proudly before us for hundreds of years. A route that I completed in 4 hours instead of the 2 days recommended, in front of a amazed taxi driver. One more wonder of the world to my credit!
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