THE WRITINGS : THE BOOKS LOVE LIFE CONCEPTIONS Baby with No Fate LIFE 2If you have already read all the poetries part, you sure know now what you will discover in this part. Indeed, in April 1986, in CM2 schoolclass, I wrote my first book, an adventure with giant ants killing humans :-). Definitely not very shining, this book however won the first price of the contest of bookcreation due to my imagination and my writingstyle. Few years later, with the growing successes of my poetries, I thought that it was time to write books again. There are four books, which were not destroyed by the years and that you will be able to find here, the last (called "Life") is still in progress of writing but certain passages of this book will be published here because it is sure that I will never finish it. I wish you good readings… (click on the book that you wish to read)
The first autobiographical novel talking about my life. Written in the years 1990, he tells the mishaps and the questions of a 15-year old teenager and his first discovery of love but also all the questions he can have at this period of his life.
LIFE (Truth, Identification, Awakening) is the so much awaited continuation of "Love" written after events which changed the course of the life of this teenager, in good or in a bad way and which force him to grow and learn how to live by himself. Writing in 1993, this is at the same time a diary, a novel, and an autobiography.
"Conceptions" is the continuation of "Love" and "Life". Defined like an explanatory dictionary of the first two books, that book was written in 1995. Now 20-years old, the young man doesn't manage to leave adolescence and creates its own definitions of the life before losing them definitively.
The first novel writen all in poetries, from the first to the final chapter, in rhymes and proses, alexandrines and verses. This novel tells story of a couple and of their child, who have another choices except death. Very sad this book marks my entry in my majority age (1992)
The last final novel of the series, which would I called again "LIFE" to make another continue. Completely autobiographical, this novel, started in 1996, have no end and only some pages were found that you will be able to discover here.
Unfortunately, these four books were not translated. It would be useless, because even in good English, no one would be able to understand feelings I felt during these years of writing. Moreover, their translation would takes so much time, and even remains difficult to understand for every people. However, for english people who understand French, these below links go to the French books. With my excuses to have not translated these books which appeared really useless for me and really did not bring any important points of my life in a foreign and english universe. Sebastien
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