So, let me introduce myself : Sebastien KLEIN, born on July 20 (on Sunday !), more known under the name of DJSEB, or of Superman (let us forget the 250 nicknames that I could had like screech, steve urkel, klein of eye, dragon klein, and so on...).
Moi and my great mother
Moi and Laurent during Haloween party
Me, Mom and Sabrina
<- Corporal KLEIN to report ! (16 GC)
I have for company a small cat called Lancelot, descendant from Arthur. I studied in "Notre Dame de la Providence" and obtained my G2-diploma (Accountancy-Management) with another diploma in International business (which gave me possibility for 2-months training courses in England and Germany).
ME, 1-year old(really !) ->
I was born in Thionville in Lorraine (57), France and I always lived in this area (I lived florange (57) before), first with my family and since a few years in my own place known under the name of "bydjseb". I measure 1,82 meters for a weight of 65 kgs (I eat very little :-)) and physically I resemble to my photos that you can find on this website for sure ! :-)
Hello ! First of all you should know that this website introduce you my two contrary personalities as day and night: Sebastien (clark) and Superman. The first part will be devoted to Sebastien, and other one… to Superman.
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My family is composed of my mom and Daniel (his new husband since the death of my father years ago), my little sister Sabrina and my great mother, died now, kisses to all them !. My marital status is single, no children and never married. Engaged 10 years then deppresive, then 7 years happiness and alone today
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