Want more ? Please click there to continue !!We are in 1993, there is more than 15 years. Even if year 1993 was year of my first kiss (17/08/1993 - Anne Sophie (La tremblade, France (17)), it was also year of my 18-years birthday, but also of my first, very first movie. This is also this year I was playing role of a martial arts expert and so on… This year also me and my friends decided to make something totally crazy…. All this gave birth… to the worse movie of history...
Shock of the Titans
Dorothée years
Later, I had idea to make the following year a videotape of the well-known game "Atmosfear" (Don't you know it ??), this game was created in 1991, and I remember perfectly the hundreds of games that we could make with a few candles in the night (brrr…. I am the Keys Master andI send to you in the common grave !!! all that memories…). Be careful, this movie makes really fear, worse than Blair Witch project !! :-)
The kings of fun
And it was a so great adventure which was going in all directions ! From first photos which you will be able to find in the webpage DJSEB/Evolution to strange vidéos of my childhood, delirious holidays with my past friends, all that comes between my hands was a trace of this past that I cherished so much. Tears, smiles, remembering good memories which happiness. That's why today I decided to make you share all these memories…
Then, I found with pleasure, the comings out date of my old videogames, my preferred movie that I was watching when being young, before Superman (the Shock of the Titans), but also full of other incredible things. To go further, I played even with my friends with an incredible play with hundreds of questions on all the cartoons and series of our childhood and our adolescence : "Récré-TV". Imagine to examine your past to look forward to the mysterious gold cities... For me, that was much further, and I started to search all that could belong to my past…
1 year later… my cousin Serge decided to make himself his own movie too. Although I improved my movie a little to put it on this website, I left movie of my cousin as it was before so that memories remain ! I think that my cousins will be able particularly to appreciate this small "memory" from me :-)
The worse movie of history
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If one day you have the chance, or if you made me the honor of your visit, it is very probable that I will ask your year of birth. Why ? Because I am in love with past and all these memories which we have in us. Thanks to this year, I will be able to define, and to make you remember what has passed the year of your birth and the following ones thanks to a book written by… Dorothée! Yes, even if I don't want to make publicity for this book, we can finds all sorts of thing in, from the cartoons of our childhood to the the objects which marked our generation… The travel starts…
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