CHEERLEADINGCheerleading? What's that ?? This word which takes me several minutes say in english during my travel in Florida became later one of my great passions. During the past I had seen this "sport" (because it is really a sport) only in DVD Movie (American Cheerleading Girls 1,2,3 and 4) and I was already really fan because these films were very good. A few weeks before my departure for Florida, I learned that my American best friend was also "cheerleader" ! All this awake curiosity and it was a real pleasure to visit a Cheerleading school and to meet the leaders and the cheerleaders, I was so impressed. (see Adventures/world/Florida). Then so, what is really cheerleading? A group of pretty girls with mini skirts which are dancing ? Not totally. That could not be summarized like that. Although this sport was formerly used to encourage the Rugby or Foot American teams, it became almost an recognized "art" with as much as boys and girls from all ages making incredibles figures, and this sometimes from 8 years old. In USA, this is a national sport and everyone knows Miami Dolphins, not? Even my Florida friend, the wonderful Kimberly was also cheerleader, remember ? This discipline consists of a true "show" withs lights, music, and with acrobatics rhythms, figures, without forgetting the impossible "pom-pom" that's why we call them "pom pom girls" in France. However, that goes much further, there exist several clubs in the world and even in France ! Moreover, there are several categories and levels of cheerleading (cheer dance, in group of 2, of several, and so on….) As for the music used during these shows, it is mixed by a DJ and is really incredible ! Elsewhere I bought almost each movie original soundtrack ! To give you an idea of what that gives you will find 4 below videos. 2 videos come from the final scenes (like Sister Act) of two big movies of cheerleading (One of them remains a reference because it was made in Universal Studios of Orlando the park where I went) and 2 other videos I made myself during competitions so that you can see the difference as well. These competitions are in Paris and I return each year as a spectator. My dream? To see a competition in Florida ! So, are you ready ? Then, welcome to Cheerleading world...
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