THE QUIZZ OF "BY DJSEB"So, you want to know the secrets about "ByDJSeb" ? Of course, be sure that I will not tell you that a murder had place in this place or other ! To illustrate this webpage, I propose to you to discover the quizz which had been given during the annual party festival of the place in 2010 for the 10 years and which helped people to know better the place. In these questions, many "secrets" are revealed…. The answers to the questions and the explanations are at the bottom of the page ! Have fun !
And here, you know (almost :-)) all on this place !! Then now you have to visit it ! But if I found some other secrets, sure I will told yo you as fast as possible, promised!!
1) There are in my place many silver facets plated balls. But there is only one which is not in silver color. Will you be able to tell me which color it is ? 2) Street Fighter 2 is one of my favorite games, but especially 3 characters in particular, can you find their names ? 3) In all my great adventures, there is one country that I never managed to enter the border, because I was always stopped by police. Which country ? 4) I always was fan of Superman. It is very easy to find the biggest one (me !) but will you be able to find the smallest figurine of Superman ? 5) Fan and player of chess, I have so many chess board. Can you check them and tell me how much you can find ? 6) There is a town in the world whose name is the same as a famous police inspector. Can you find out this name ? 7) Water was the topic of the 2009 place festival. To make noise of the water I placed several fountains in all place. Can you remember how many ? 8) There is a secret way in my place called "emergency exit" and that you have to use only in case of an emergency. But do you know how to get there ? 9) Around all things which have changed, there is on ly one piece which is here from the beginning. This piece is as old as what he contains. Can you find this piece ? 10) There is only one place where you can find yin, yang and steel all together. If you can find it out, you win ! Other difficult questions : 11) What was written on the wall during the first festival of the place ? 12) Which event made me "fall" in love with this place. The answer is in the question :-) 13) What is my favorite "tool", true sponsor of the place festival ?
12) I first fall inside the place because of the step ! 13) Patafix !!! I am so bad in tapestry and do-it-yourself that's why all is made thanks to this revolutionary matter! I buys more than 10 packages for each festival !
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