A TRUE SUPERMAN ?Many are those and those which have seen this photo of me in Superman on my visit card and in particular on the homepage of this website ! However, few are those which know the story of this photo or even which was present there this day ! It is time now for me to tell you the legend… of Superman…
We are in 1978. Superman, the 1st movie drawn from the adventures as cartoons of its creators cd. Comics (1932), is at the cinema.
Superman, here incarnated by Christopher Reeve, will be the beginning of very long series, with Superman 2,3, and 4 (1980, 1983,1987) and of many others derived such series which we know today. A few years after the movie in cinema, Sebastien discover this film and becomes fan at first sight. His dream… to become Superman ! He will become about it so much fan that he makes the promise that if one day Superman will be again in cinema, he will go, but disguised in a true Superman !
We are in 2006. For a few weeks, an incredible news has upset our small Sebastien who can not not believe its ears. New Superman "Superman Returns" would be soon in cinema, on July 12, 2006. It is then time to honour its almost made promise earlier 20 years. Sebastien then orders on the web the official costume of Superman, directly manufactured in Métropolis, not far from Chicago in the USA… And he invites all his friends, to be in his company this day when Superman will make its entry dressed up in front of hundreds of people…
Even if fear is at the top on this day, I took my breath and passed the door of my apartment, and I was immediatly impressed by general astonishment which I caused. People stopped speaking at the coffee, left out from the stores, the children greeted me while the parents took to me in photo… Superman, which I had always dreamed to be since I was a child, was born… And this adventure was just starting...
Indeed, into a few weeks, my life is transformed into supermanmania, from the sign on my car seat, to my tee-shirt superman hidden under my shirt each evening, and for many weddings where my transformation takes place, we can see a true transformation of my personality ! And I do not counted my so many appearances in "official costume" ! (see photos below)
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Superman becomes my "avatar", my second personality and remains before all a true "hero" in all circumstances. Saving Aurore from a suicide attempt after one hour on the phone, or Marjorie saved during a fall against a cement wall, or even around the world, saving Carmen in Maccu Piccu in Peru (photo besides), Superman will always remain for me image of the "superhero", and this is for why I love him so much. He does not fly, He does not have powers, but he loves to save people and of course, to put his red slipway across his blue trousers (and which do not comprise a fly for… ahem), this is what makes him… a true Superman !
<- SUPERMAN - 18th JUNE 2013 - 7 YEARS LATER...
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For the 10 years of Superman and for flat party 2016 has been created the book "10 years of superman" that you can find here !
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