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It's Singapore and especially the island of Sentosa that will be my gateway to Asia and the beginning of my trip. Sentosa, nicknamed the island of pleasure, is in fact an incredible place of entertainment, beaches and amusement parks with activities of all kinds. A shuttle connects even all areas of the island on which it is even possible to go by cable car! A few hours to start and visit the most southern point of Asia but also Universal Studios for a small American reminder. A discovery that marks the beginning of my project and takes me away to Kuala Lumpur ...
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The final project 2018 is a project that took a year of work with, as main goals, the places I still missed. Malaysia and the Petronas towers of Kuala Lumpur but also especially the caves of Batu, Singapore and its paradisiac island of Sentosa, Cambodia where I missed Phnom Penh the capital having already visited the temple of Ang Kor further north, without forgetting Vietnam for its well-known Ha Long bay and sub-capital Ho Chi Minh, not to mention the Philippines to take my first seaplane flight to an incredible little island in the South. Finally back beyond Hong Kong to finish this journey of just two weeks!
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Project 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If the incredible caves of Batu were my main goal, my adventure still took me to temples with majestic colors, like the Sri Mahamariamman Temple or the Thean Hou Temple which was adorned with thousands of yellow globes and beautiful red reflections. Then came the ascent of thousands of steps to the Batu Caves, accompanied by monkeys and breathtaking cavernous landscapes. Sensitive souls abstain, I then joined the dark part of the caves through the cellars of Batu, totally in the dark in the middle of spiders and some rare rays of sun that crossed them. A last goodbye to the petronas towers before continuing ...
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