THE WRITINGS : POETRIESSebastien poet… sure ?… Many years ago, I started to write poetry, or at least, all what I have in my mind at this time. However, I never been able to believe that I would become very quickly so popular with my teachers who helped me to win several contests in order to show my talent with to everbody. And then, one day, after won so many contests and writing hundreds of poetries, poems, alexandrines, quotations and other rhymes and proses, I stopped, then all destroyed. Since, my poetic fibre sometimes reappears, especially when I am in love, thing that never happen. I cannot be my own judge, and the majority of the poetries have been destroyed, but I found some that I let to you discover here…
Unfortunately, all these poetries were not translated. It would be useless, because even in good English, all the sentances will have no rhymes in english, not even alexandrines or proses, verses. Moreover, their translation would takes so much time, and even remains impossible to be as "beautiful" and easy to understand as in French language. With my excuses to have not translated these poetries which appeared really useless for me and really did not bring any important points of my life in a foreign and english universe. Sebastien
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